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Factory Floor with Two Workers

More About Us

Erie Engineered Products, Inc. (EEPI) was formed with the acquisition of Metricase Corporation by then Applied Design Company, Inc. in the fall of 1989. All company's product lines were integrated and exists today.

Applied Design History:

Applied Design was formed in 1953 by a group of engineers primarily involved in the design, engineering, testing and qualification of a newly-emerging container market. The Company began manufacturing ten years later, adding plastic-forming technology and a variety of products. Containers and cases were designed and manufactured to meet specific engineering and environmental conditions.

Metricase History:

Metricase evolved from Metric Manufacturing, Inc. which was formed in 1967. Metricase formed in 1975, specializing in aluminum transit, combination and instrument cases for military and aerospace applications.

Erie Engineered Products Today:

Today we are one company, Erie Engineered Products, Inc., offering you the combined resources, experience, knowledge, and production capabilities of these two great organizations. We currently maintain 75,000 square feet of production and office space on approximately 8 acres in Lancaster New York.

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